Honda cut the cost of loving in Ireland in the late 1960s and for a long time after with their ubiquitous Honda 50 and Honda 125.
All above adverts scanned from various New Spotlight magazines. From the top…
1. Honda 125 –  1969
2. Honda 50 –   1970
3. Honda 50 – 1968
4. Honda 50 –   1968
5. Honda 125 –  1970

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  1. Love it, brings me back to the days of the CD175 twin.
    I drove one from Ballyfermot to Finglas , collecting it for a friend.
    Honda dominated the market back then, followed by Yamaha and much later Suzuki and the widow maker Kawasaki
    K1000 famed for being too powerful for the brakes fitted.

  2. Man I had a125 here in Grenada w.I in 1968 could not afford a British brand 2 Mutch $$$$$$$

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