tony-rodgers-witches-hut-hairdressing-dublin-1971All of the above worked with Tony Rodgers at the Witches Hut Salons in Dublin in 1971.
Scanned from Woman’s Way July, 1971.

Read much more about Tony and the Witches Hut in my feature for Totally Dublin >>

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    1. loved it – was such a stylish place to have your hair done at the time- Got mine done in the late 60s early 70s by those now top names who were then students . Tuesday nights for just a few bob- lovely memories. Tony Rodgers

  1. Ha! As a kid in the early 70s I forced to accompany my mum to the Nassau St branch on Saturday mornings. I can remember having checked out the list of ‘superstar’ coiffeurs on the display board and being amazed that Zorro (whose series I would have been watching earlier that morning) was double jobbing as a snipper in Dublin.

    1. ‘superstar coiffeurs’ – like it Dave! 9/10 the mark of Zorro!

  2. Wonderful stuff. A lot of male hairdressers back then. My late cousin also worked there; I wonder had he left the place by 1971. He was also the proud wearer of a precursor to the Great Dublin Mullet.

    1. Aww, shame your cousin wasn’t in the pic.

  3. Yeah. I got all excira when I saw it.

  4. I was in the Witches Hut from 1965 to 1973. It was terrific – such an exciting time there and to be in hairdressing. We were the superstars, we were passionate about cutting hair. (I still am) Vidal Sassoon was our inspiration. Sadly he passed away last year. I am still very good friends with Tony Rodgers who was also our inspiration. He is 80 now and very well thankfully. My Salons and Academies are in Grafton St & Upper Liffey St where I still really enjoy cutting hair. I feel lucky. My son Athos and my daughter Tamar are now also talented hairdressers and work with me in Grafton St which is a great joy to me. The only one of the stylists featured above that is not still alive is Vince Corrigan all the rest are still working and well as far as I know. Robert Chambers
    I will show this to Tony I’m sure he will be surprised and pleased, a blast from the past. RC
    EUROPHILE what was the NAME of your cousin with the mullet?? I probably knew him. RC (re comment above)

    1. Fantastic stuff, Robert, many thanks for posting.

    2. I frequented the hairdressing training sessions in Nassau street where you got a first class and very trendy cut for a significantly reduced cost in the best hairdressing salon in town. One evening Tony Rodgers selected me for a demonstration and I came out with an amazing layered style also remember telling everyone who admired it that it was cut by Tony Rodgers himself. Had my passport picture taken the next day !

    3. remember you well robert lovely memories of a fab salon

  5. Theres my pops Philip, bottom centre pulling a face! Hes still pulling faces to this day! I used to look at this pic on the wall at home in disbelief that men could have hair that big. I must show him this post. Jade

  6. Many a Saturday morning spent there…..

  7. Hi all , great to hear Tony R. In good health .’The Witches Hut’ still a great name! More than 40 yrs later !
    Great pic’s ,great memories.
    1971 :’herman’s klipjoint ‘ Unisex hairshop Grafton st. and they said it couldn’t be done 🙂
    Great to see you , funny that , still like the haircuts. Thanks brandnewmetro.

    Herman Koster
    Herman’s /Knights of the Green

  8. Thanks Herman, this is still one of my favourite posts on BNR. Would love to see anything you might have on “Herman’s Klipjoint”

    1. Going to the dungeons ,check archives for Phillo Thin Lizzy pics etc. 1973.
      Or check HERMANS history on our website .Drop by 81 Grafton st.
      Cheers H

  9. Will do!! Thanks Herman.

  10. Anyone remember a girl called bernadette Finn from wex
    ford she was a beautician married a hairdresser and went on to open the witches hut limerick.would love to catch up with her .

    1. Bernadette married Hugh Campbell who managed the Witches Hut in Limerick and later went on to buy the Witches hut. He ultimately dropped the Witches Hut name and now trades as Hugh Campbell hair group with 5/6 salons in Limerick. I expect you can reach Bernadette by ringing the salon. Robert Chambers.

  11. Delighted to hear that these fab stylists are still around. Looking for stylist who can create a short shag gypsy or ‘klute’ cut. Those styles really suit me. Any direction or advice would be welcome…. Thanks

  12. Michael Reilly looks like Fred West.

  13. Just came across this article now, great memories working in the witches hut. I trained there late 70’s early eighties. Started in the Henry street branch with Gary Kavanagh, then moved to Nassau Street to work with Tony. Then moved to Stephens green to the most exclusive salon and when that went, back to south Fredick street. Many great people James, Gerard, Dylan, Des, Sandra and of course Mona the receptionist. Is Tony still with us?. Great times

    1. Anyone remember a girl called Annette Wheelan used to cut my hair around 1978.

  14. Loved going to Witches Hut with my friend. Had my then thick black hair cut by fabulous dedicated students. Have thick white hair now which I can’t manage. Fed up getting granny hairy cuts.

  15. I worked in banking in Grafton St in the late 50s and remember the other Tony Rodgers. He had a beard, a leather jacket and drove a white open top sports car. The envy of us who only drove a bike.

    I’m Tony Rodgers too!

  16. I palled with one of the hairdressers there Paul Cummins and his sister Anne who also worked there, i think Paul became a fairly big time hairdresser in the British film industry, havent seen either of them in 40 years.

    1. Paul Cummins has owned Paul Hair Studio on Molesworth Place (beside One Pico) for decades now.

      1. Thanks for that europhile, im sure i saw him on a British tv programme probably over 35 years ago doing the styling for a film.

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