Scoop was a weekly comic from the UK in the late 70s/80s. It was like a mixture of Shoot (photos and articles) and Tiger (comic stories – not all soccer – see the Goalie’s got guts example below). This issue from November, 1979 had a strong Irish presence.

The cover star was Pat Jennings.  A natural who did a great job without making a fuss. A hero of mine and one of the all time greatest goalkeepers in the world. Pat played GAA outfield as a youngster.

Also in this issue was 24 year old Tony Ward who got a 2 page feature as well as a cut out sports star card. The action photo of Ward kicking at Landsdowne Road in 1978 is not from Scoop. Its a great photo from the Irish Rugby Scrapbook 1982 by Edmund Van Esbeck which I’ve sneaked into this post.  Photographer not credited but likely to be Peter Thursfield, Irish Times.

pat jennings ireland v norther ireland 1979
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pat jennings ireland v norther ireland 1979

tony ward sportscard scoop 1979

tony ward scoop comic 1979
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tony ward scoop comic 1979
from Irish Rugby Scrapbook – Edmund Van Esbeck 1982 – photo Irish Times

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  1. Was a great fan of scoop ,loo
    ed forward to every Friday after school to get my copy

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