larry gogan 1968 seventeen club
joe dolan 1968 rte radio 17 club
seventeen club rte radio 1968 audience
brian fry angela byrne 1968 folk
textFrom New Spotlight, January 1968

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  1. I have no recollection whatsoever of this programme – I wonder what time it was broadcast at and on which day of the week.

    1. All I know about it is what came with that feature. And I’ve scanned it all in. I don’t see any other reference to it in other Spotlights from that time. I’m also curious as to where that was held. Lots of lights in that venue.

  2. how i loved RTE2 in the eighties..i preferred it to radio one by a mile…somehow they filtered out the worst of those days, that was being pushed aggressively on radio one,and that alone was a sign of character…loved gerry in the morning,but the evening when you’d hear shalamar along with dionne warwick before fanning…so nice..and b.p fallon orchestra…the night train…it was just so very very good,and every musician i knew north and south of the border was kept beautifully up to speed with things…loved fanning’s passion for david byrne and talking heads….he’d play all the off shoots…that david byrne catherine wheel record…oh god…look at me typing.

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