From Showcase Magazine, January 1971

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  1. Seeing this ad for Star Trek brings back a lot of memories about my early years in Ireland. Star Trek was my baby and it all started with the fact that I had a large collection of records. I originally had the idea of setting up a travelling disc jockey with a small box trailer, but the concept quickly grew to a Ford Transit van, and then finally Bedford removal truck! We introduced “disco music” to ballrooms all over Ireland at a time when they either danced to a contemporary popular showband such as Dickie Rock, or a country & western one such as Big Tom. We were able to convert any size of ballroom into a discotheque for one night. At this time, I also managed several other people such as, Joe O’Toole and The Apples. Later Joe became the lead singer with The Dixies. I had Ireland’s only group of Go Go girls which comprised 10 girls and was called “Go Gos Galore”. When “The Mexicans” showband broke up, I took on John Farrell & The Groundhogs. This was a unique band at the time as it had two girls, Wendy & Liz who both sang and danced with the band. My world is now far removed from these great fun times as I now live in Australia.
    Hans Lignell

    1. Brilliant!! Happy New Year Hans! Great information, thanks for letting us know.

    2. My heavens! Was just browsing the old night clubs like Zhivago in Baggot street which I went to a few times before I went to the more glamorous “Elizabeths” with Mr Hans Lignell! There was also somewhere called “Crocs” with a live crocodile! Great memories evoked by the old posters! Thanks

      Angela Traynor nee Fabron

  2. Great to remember fun days & nights with the Go G girls ! How is life on the other side of the world ? Best wishes. Ken Flynn & red TR 6krnflynn

  3. I have grown up with stories of Star Trek and played in the space ship and with the robots since I was little. It is still in my dad’s garage!!! The whole set up.
    My dad is Justin James.

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