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from New Spotlight, June 1971

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  1. when i see the mainliners mentioned i’m thinking…aaaarghhh a showband.but if they were a “genuine” band great.there were other bands like PIG IRON,and THE WATCHTOWER about at the time.PIG IRON were a prog rock band who were pictured doing an open air jam session at College Green,on one of the dailies.think Frances Black sang with THE WATCHTOWER.

    1. I remember the photo of Pig Iron playing in (I think) Trinity College grounds in The Irish Press circa 1971.The bass player was (Keith?) Mansfield, brother of the fab Thelma of TV fame.Don’t think they ever played the Afton in Dundalk, but could be wrong. TomG

  2. Hi Gerry, yes, there were plenty of “genuine” groups about. This Band Of Old series will include some of them but also all kinds of bands, Good, Bad and Ugly. Will focus on pix that are not already available online.

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