RTE Guide, 3rd September, 1976. Photo of 1975 final by Eve Holmes
Update: Have been told, that’s Mick Crotty, of the bookshop in Kilkenny, in the Cats jersey

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  1. No, that photo is of Mick Brennan (cloney) of Castlecomer. The Galway player is Sean Silke

  2. Best pre-Cody KK team they were too, Eddie Keher the main man.
    Nice of RTE to show something other than ‘Reeling in the Years’.

    1. Awesome team ok. Could have won 4 in a row during that era. Would be some battle for places in recent years if some of those players were around. Impossible to compare players.

  3. That KK team won 3 in 4yrs, v Cork ’72, v Limerick ’74 & v Galway ’75. A local player brought the Liam McCarthy into the school a few weeks after ’72 ( regarded as the sweetest of the three wins ) and filled it full of fizzy pop.
    We were poor but happy…

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