A 34 page advisory guide for parents published in 1965.

Update 5th September:
See comment below from Oscar who reckons the building below, in Causeway, Co. Kerry, is the Vocational School illustrated above.

an tochar causeway co kerryAnd MK reckons the Secondary Boarding School for Girls is Mount Anville in Dublin 14. Harder to confirm this one via the Google Street view angle (pic below) but I think MK  could be right, what with that Vertigo tower and all. (see MK’s comment below)

mount anville dublin 14

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    1. Oscar, I know a lot of these schools were built to similar plans but I think you’re dead right here. Great spot & thanks for letting us know. I’m going to update the post with the photo.

    1. Thanks MK. Great stuff. Have updated post.

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