cover-issue-3-December-1997-Liam NeesonFor all the writing that’s worth reading was the tag line for this UK Mag, which amalgamated & published media articles from around the world. This is issue 3 from 1997. Not too sure how many issues it lasted for but I think it folded by the end of 1999.
Issue 3 had a story by actor Gabriel Byrne taken from Magill magazine and below is Maeve Binchy’s  article on Sexy Irish men, taken from Harpers & Queen.








And here is the Gabriele Byrne article which was sourced from Magill magazine.

gabriel byrne gabriel byrne2 gabriel byrne3

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  1. Um, could you post page 66, please!? 🙂

    1. sure! will post later in the weekend.


      1. Brilliant! Thanks so much.

  2. I have never seen this story. Thank you so much for sharing it!

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