She Gear shop in Roches Stores was officially opened by Peter Adler. Interesting bio on Peter and the groups he was in over at the ever resourceful site
scanned from Miss Magazine, June, 1966
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  1. Interesting to see Peter Adler turn up in this post. Whatever about his musical talents, it’s fair to say he enjoyed his ‘man about town’ status in mid-’60s Dublin.

    What brought this one on, Dubdoug?

    Wouldn’t be the latest from the Radiators – Sound City Beat – their collection of interpretations of various Mod/Beat local ‘hits’ from that era, including Adler’s “I’m Gonna Turn My Life Around” – now would it?

    It’s no secret you smashed your Telecaster through numerous television screens back in the ’70s…

  2. I love the sunglasses. They must have got better weathe in 1966.

  3. … weather …

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