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Dublin – 7th May, 1988 – Irish Cancer Society Photo Book

busaras michael johnson

Bus Aras  pic Michael Johnson –  update 11/8/13 Dylan Moran? (see comment below)

stephens-green john galvin

Stephens Green – pic John Galvin

regent barbers - Stuart Colson

Regent Barbers – Temple Bar – pic Stuart Colson

in-dublin seller pic Gerard Heapes

pic Gerard Heapes

pic E.A. Kennedy

college-green- charles kelly

pic Charles Kelly


pic – Peter Thursfield Irish Times

irish cancer society logo

All pics taken on 7th May, 1988 scanned from a book issued with all royalties going to the Irish Cancer Society.
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  1. I think that “In Dublin” vendor’s name was Pete Short – he was one of the sights of Grafton Street for several years and always had his pitch outside Bewley’s – he was from Cheltenham and claimed to have been at school with Brian Jones


  2. Yeah Doojeen, His name was Pete Short. He loved Archie Shepp and taped a whole lot of his recordings and brought them to me in Amsterdam. His picture was even on the local busses for some time (like Julia Roberts in Notting Hill). Pete was a lovely character!


  3. Came across this page while talking about Pete with a friend of mine. Funnily enough, he mentioned that he had loaned Pete some Archie Shepp album when he lived in Leeds, and never got it back! Oh, and by the way, Thats Dylan Moran and his then girlfriend in the Busarus photo. I remember them both at the time when Dylan was just breaking into comedy.


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