royal_canal_newcomen_bridge_cottage_dublin1_2012Now: Royal Canal Newcomen Bridge Dublin 1, 18th April 2012


Then: Newcomen Bridge, scanned from a German magazine called Geo from 1986.

Two Canal boats came through the Lock here last Saturday. Despite the presence today of some cans, plastic bags and a hurley the Royal Canal looks great and is very well-kept.

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  1. There’s a family fun day thing on up at Ashtown on Saturday 28 April. Kids’ sports, barge rides, etc. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for barge dogs.

  2. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a special musical guest appearance by El DeBarge.

  3. Bismarck had a theory that if the Dutch lived in Ireland they’d all be millionaires whereas if the Irish lived in Holland they’d all drown!

    Looking at those German magazine pictures from 1986, you’d nearly have to agree with the old boy…

    And probably cleaned up with substantial amounts of German and Dutch cash too!

    Alles jetzt in Ordnung…

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