1966 dj is a girl

First page of above article enlarged below…

aoife_nic_canna pic brendan duffy

Above from Irish Independent, August 1998

dandelion-sep-1988 u magazine Dandelion pic from DJ feature from U magazine 1998. See thumbs below for full article.

Above 2 scans & Aoife pic from Sunday Times Culture DJ Feature, Jan 99

Thumbs below are from U magazine  Sep 1998. Article by Lucy Taylor, includes interviews with Miss Ken D, Dandelion, Claire Moloney, DJ Troya, Brownsugar, Mandy Reid, Lisa Shanahan & Aoife NicCanna. Pix by Peter Oxford & Lorna Fitzsimons.

u mag sep 1988 dj feature p1 u mag sept 1988 p2 dj feature u mag sep 1988 dj feature p3
u mag p4 sep 1998 dj feature dandelion u mag sept 1988 p2 dj feature p 5 u mag sept 1988 p2 dj feature p 6

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  1. “women’s lib societies and other obscure characters”, that had me rolling around the floor. And then I mis-read “Chicks with Decks” and it sobered me up. Great stuff as always, thanks for keeping these coming.

    1. Pishing myself re your misreading of “Chicks with Decks”.

      Any chance of getting a blow-up of the second part of that Alan Keen interview?

  2. Thanks John. Hi Europhilee, I’ve added the rest of the interview. Its a little damaged (like Alan).

  3. Thanks for that. It’s nowhere near as entertaining as the first part!

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