Bord Failte Ireland of the Welcomes 1965 cover

cie bus tours ireland 1965
aer lingus advert 1965 bord failte
lough gill sligo 1965
bunratty castle banquet ireland 1965 Above, a 15th century style banquet from Bunratty Castle, complete with a serving of Galtee Cheese.

colette fashion Dublin 1965
With thanks to Ciaran Vernon (CV).

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  1. Looks good. Jaki

  2. “Medieval banquet with Galtee Cheese” Love it!! I wonder if the beer in the tankards is Harp? It was popular all over Ireland then.

    Mum used to put that Galtee stuff on salads (which were only ever during the summer) because we kids loved it and wouldn’t eat the “real” stuff, or something. I’m surprised they let us away with it, usually you had to eat what you were given and shut-up about it too! She used to get the proper cheddar for herself and dad from Carolan’s in blocks that were cut off using a wire thingy. She also used to get it in the “Windsor” sometimes, which was a small grocery as well as pub. I wonder if the 2 old ladies who ran it were still doing that up till it closed around mid-80s?

  3. They need to restore all closed railway lines and reopen them we need a better public transport service throughout Ireland of course. To cut to pollution, car accidents, traffic jams, road deaths and a better check up on our roads.

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