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Gun – Irish Music Mag #4 – 1972

cover gun dublin pop prog 1972

dublin mag gun editorial 1972 issue 4
I’m very grateful to Ed Butler who provided these scans for BrandNewRetro. I had never heard of this magazine until now. This is issue 4 and Ed reckons it may have lasted just a little longer. As you can see from the editorial Smiley Bolger was involved. Stevie Bolger wrote the article below on the Dublin Suedeheads.

couples duke st dublin 1972
suede v skins dublin 1972

fallon eithne earley dublin 1972 crossword dublin  dolphin discs mag gun 1972

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  1. Oh lord it brings me back – especially phrases like ‘heads’ and ‘bread’. I bought my first set of drums off Smiley for £25 – it must have been around 1970. I don’t remember this magazine. Re Smiley, I remember once carrying our gear into Osibisa (opposite the Gaiety) as Smiley was coming out. I asked him to hold the door open and he unforgettably said “hey man, I’m not into opening doors”. Thanks again MAN! A funny guy.


  2. Hey Doug, I have a good story about Smiley Bolger when we gigged in Slatteries but I’ll have to tell you next time we meet for pints, as I could be sued. Ted


  3. Hi, I met Stevie Bolger around 1967ish. I arrived in Dublin aged 15 with my friend and Stevie and his mate (sorry, I’ve forgotten his name) took us on a tour of Dublin and generally looked after us. I would really like to know what Stevie is doing now and to be remembered to him. Marilyn North Wales


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