Here are just 3 photos from a collection of over 800 from Gary O’Neill’s excellent “Where Were You” book, which went on sale today. Its big. And big on value with over 300 pages in a very well presented hardback package which costs €30.
Although the books covers the decades 1950 to 2000, the 3 sample photos below are all from the mid and early 1980s.   From the top, its 1985, 1982 & 1981. What about that sign outside Rice’s Lounge on the bottom photo?

dizzyfootwork oconnel st dublin 1985
1982 -oconnell st dublin
stephens green Dublin 1981

Thanks to Gary for permission to scan and post here. Lots more on the book’s website.

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  1. I was in at the launch and during a slideshow that one of the Dublin breakdance crew got the biggest laugh of the evening. Fair play to Gary, a labour of love has finally come to fruition. It was a bit mental though meeting people I hadn’t seen around in years.

    1. Hi Dave. I was there too. But it was so packed I couldn’t get upstairs, so just bought a few books and left. Never seen so many punks, skins and mods over 50! Glad to see them all looking so well. Breakdance crew made me laugh alright.

  2. I would buy it just for that top picture

  3. I don’t know how it has happened but Noel posted it from Dublin and it arrived in London yesterday. Spent last night looking at the pictures with two friends, and most of this morning going through it again. Absolutely riveting. And the cover is fab too.

  4. Ah Doug, I never knew about that book. A good christmas pressie for me if I drop enough hints. The break dance “crew” were called “Dizzy Footwork”. (DFW). Wally, Spade, Dino, Jock and Johnnie. We knocked around together as kids in the Tenters. they went to dance classes, and the rest of us listened to Dead Kennedys and The Smiths. Great days!! Ted

    1. Haha, class comment Ted. Wonder what would have come of you had YOU gone to the dance classes! Great book, great Christmas gift. Hope you get it!

  5. Where can I get this book it seems to be sold out everywhere

    1. John, it was sold out weeks before Christmas. Keep an eye out on Gary’s facebook site for updates.

  6. Does anyone remember a street named Mc Guinness cottages in the 50,s I think in the Phibsboro area

  7. that was a neon sign up outside Rices is for Chivers Little Chip Marmalade.

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