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Taken from Irish Magazine’ Miss’, January 1966, as featured in earlier post.

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  1. Great blog. This article is brilliant. Love the little contemporary details… the leather telephone book and the racing news.

    1. thanks! Happy to have come upon Sibling of Daedalus blog too.

  2. I love the descriptions:

    ‘The Hard Man’ is ‘carelessly dressed, untidy’
    ‘The Office Wolf’ is ‘often sloppy dresser’
    ‘The nice guy’ is ‘often a casual dresser’
    ‘The career Machine’ is ‘well dressed, impeccably groomed’
    and ‘The Earnest Bod’ is a ‘ dull dresser’

    Eh…. they’re all the same guy, dressed exactly the same with the same hair!

    Excellent blog BTW. A bit of a hoarder are you? I particularly like the 80s band stuff. I played in a band in the 80s a little down the road from Dundalk.

    1. Thanks action man. What was your 80s group?

      1. … and maybe you know this already, but there is plenty more on Irish 80s groups over on the fanning session blog

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