Irish boys magazine produced by the Christian Brothers. Started in 1914 and lasted into the 1980s. None of our boys ever read this. Wonder who did?

cover our boys may 1979

cover our boys may 1979 contents
thomas pius oconnor our boys 1979 offaly

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  1. it was pretty bad.
    why was Murphy of the Fourth Form in there when there was no ‘form’ in any Christy Minstrel school that I knew. Cultural cringe perhaps.
    thank God for secular education

  2. When I was young I used to look forward to reading the Magazine. I was wondering if anybody had unwanted copies for sale.

    1. i have about 20 coppies from 1937 toabout 1945

      1. Do you still have any copies for sale?

      2. Hi Aidan
        I would love to look at those copies if you still have them as I am doing some research on that period.
        Mia Gallagher

      3. any available for sale

      4. Aidan I know it’s along time since I raised the query about Our Boys magazines. Do you still have them.

  3. Has any one got copies of Our Boys, I loved that magazine especially Kitty the Hare ?. Probably the only thing I ever liked about going to the CBS. If I had my time back again I would be waiting for the school gates to open, happy days

    1. Hi Tom, I have many copies of our boys printed in 1932.Let me know if you are still interested

  4. Hi Tom any luck in getting copies of Our Boys. I loved that magazine

    1. Hi Michael , I have a large number of Our Boys. Are you still interested in these?

  5. Vaguely remember this.Was Pudsy Ryan in this or was that another of those religious magazines?

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