What a photo! It is Connolly train station, Dublin but I’m not sure when it was taken. Is it January, 1981 when the Specials played in Dublin’s Stardust Club? Think it just earlier than that. ** update: pretty sure this is November, 1979, as per comments below from Enda & Conor – and photo is by Jill Furmanovsky –  thanks guys **
I scanned this from issue 98 of Mojo magazine from 2002 but it gives no date of the photo.
the specials connolly station dublin
Pic: jill furmanovsky


I love the suitcases, Easons shop, the Players Please billboard, the two-tone floor, the well dressed lady on the left, the fashion of others not with the Specials and of the course the Specials themselves. One worth clicking on to enlarge.

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  1. Class photo Dougie.
    could have been that time or the previous gig they played at the Olympic Ballroom (December 1980??) when they blew Dr. Feelgood off the stage. I used to ride my bike down the platform past the ticket collector and jump on the Enterprise without buying a ticket (circa 1982). Ahh shure it wouldn’t happen now!

  2. The Specials played Dublin and Belfast (Ulster Hall) in November 1979. This likely dates from then.

    I hope they appreciated the two-tone floor.

  3. Waiting for the train to skaville.

  4. The night they played the Olympic Ballrom with the Feelgoods was notable for the number of casualties from outside the gig who ended up in the Meath Hospital

  5. Hey Dougie, got this from someone else. That’s me behind Terry Hall, the date is November ’79, I had a drink with them on the train.

    1. …with Shane Treacle-y….the gig the previous night was the Olympic ballroom.

      1. Wow! Never knew that! Had you seen the photo before or were you aware of it? Its by Jill Furmanovsky!

        1. Yeah, out of the back of his head, wearing a Ramones jacket. The guy in the v-neck is Shane T. I wasn’t aware of the photo, a friend sent me the link this week. I do remember bumping into them in the bar on the train, although they didn’t buy us a drink:(. I was on the stage the night before at the Olympic, to be honest it was the usual stage invasion at Specials’ gigs at the time. A great night.

  6. Hi Odle, do you mean a few yards behind Terry to the right? Beside the bloke with the v neck jumper?

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