Another Irish comic from the 90s. This is Fitz, Issue 1, from April, 1995. Looking like and sounding like Viz, it contained 28 pages with just 2 pages of Ads.

fitz irish comic april 1995 brian buckley

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  1. Hi. I think i contributed a carton to that mag. Perhaps the first issue. It was two dung beetles talking at a bar. Strange thing is, I met the owner/publisher and he appeared not to have any idea of what material was funny. He asked me to sift through a lot of it to vet it. Fitz didn’t last long.

    1. No sign of those dung beetles in Issue 1 Kevin. You’re right, Fitz didn’t last long. But your illustrations live on …. great stuff over on

  2. Perhaps it was issue 2. I know it was an early one and it was only a small single panel cartoon rather than a strip. I think I got paid £15. There was also a strip cartoon called Apple Macker…I can’t recall who came up with that one. Thanks for the compliment though. I listened to you on the wireless on Monday and logged in to see the site. Well done.

  3. I remember looking through a copy in a newsagents circa 1997-ish. It was awful shite I thought, a really poor attempt Viz ripoff.

  4. Can’t bate Viz ! They’ve tried and failed in the UK too.

  5. I remember its two creators being interviewed on Good Grief Moncrieff! at the time. Came across like they were high on their own farts. Must have been high on something to think this pitiful example of anti- funny was in any way cutting edge or witty.

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