Its easy to know why I kept this issue of the Face . An interview with David Lynch & Isabella Rosellini at the time of the release of one of my favourite ever movies, Blue Velvet.

No point in scanning this in though, as there are already many transcripts of it on the web, including this post by Anne Billson.

However, also in this issue, ¬†and something which I can’t find elsewhere on the web, is an interesting article/interview with Microdisney. Full article scans below.

micro disney the face 1987 page 1

micro disney the face 1987 page 2

micro disney the face 1987 page 3
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micro disney the face 1987 page 4
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md 5
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  1. Great stuff Dougie. Did you know Sean”s mum was born in 6 Roden Place, Dundalk. Aye he’s me first cousint. Sean’s now a contented dad in Peckham and plucking away with the High Llamas and various cool musos. I haven’t heard from Cathal for a while…there was a cool doco about him a couple of years back.

  2. A great film and a great band! Oh the memories, the memories!

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