What I really remember about this gig was the waiting and…. waiting… and waiting outside for the gig to start. It was scheduled to start at 8 but was delayed and we didn’t get inside until about 10.30 due to someone or some truck missing a ferry.  People were tired, bored and angry after standing outside for hours. The RUC were out too, moving groups of people  on every so often. The Banshees sensibly went on stage first, letting support group the Cure headline! At the end of their set, I remember Siouxise asking the punters to hang around for the Cure.  Too tired & way past last bus time, most people went home. We left too, broke, we had to walk & find our way to our B&B.

banshees split Aberdeen Belfast NME 1979

banshees split 1979 belfast NME aberdeenBut, you know, that’s about all I can remember about the performance itself. For a Siouxsie fan, who adored & played to death “The Scream”, this gig ought to have been a classic but turned out far from it. The band ended up borrowing the gear of local group The Outcasts which didn’t help – McKay in particular missed his own pedals for that important guitar sound. Maybe everyone was tired or was it that the group were doomed anyway? – as this turned out to be the last gig that Morris, McKay, Severin and Sioux ever did together. Morris & McKay left the group 2 days later in Aberdeen.
Which leads us into the scans for this post….not about this gig, but the split. Both scans from the NME , 15th September, 1979.

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  1. Loca; Support band that night was my band Stage B …still have photos of Siouxsie in the Europa…and the H&H Bass amp on stage was mine!

  2. I was at this gig as part of The Belfast road crew. I remember that Siouxse was a bit of an in love with herself stuck up cow..but that might’ve been due to the delayed journey.
    However the Cure were fucking fantastic..as were Stage B

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