This is a scan of a page from an issue of Too Late fanzine published in 1979. A collage of pop & local Dundalk heads stuck together to fit on an a4 sheet of paper.  How many can you identify? The local ones should be harder. Top left corner, anyone? I see Bowie is in there twice…., or even 3 times, if you include Gary Numan!
collage of heads from 70s pop and Dundalk: from Too Late 1979

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  1. top left the late great tony cavanagh

    1. Tony Kavanagh it is! Even I knew that! Good man Derek!

  2. i think one of the priests is fr mcartain. and is one of the pics journalist kevin marron?

    1. Oh, and yes, Kevin Marron, Sunday World Sensation with connections with Bridge St, Dlk.

  3. Your right Gerry… Fr Mcartain sitting there on Bryan Ferry’s shoulder. Other priest is I think Fr McShane! Loads of priests!!!? Good to hear from you Gerry.

  4. hello again dougie the only reason i remembered it was fr mcartain because i am still traumatised from his pancake tuesday visit to our house when he fell in love with my mums pancakes and proceeded to scoff one pancake after the other. each one depriving five hungry kids off one of the most looked forward teatimes of the year. just another example of the systematic abuse by the catholic church towards children in the 70’s.

  5. I remember Fr Mcartain…that’s a terrible story Gerry….

  6. Back to that 1979 collage dougie, peter Dixon(undertaker) on Brian ferrys head and Liam mcparland( old shopping centre manager) beside abba!!!!

    1. Liam mcparland( old shopping centre manager). You’re good Derek! Correct. Douze Points to you. I only remembered him as “shopping centre manager”.

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