More scans from the classy Dublin fanzine/magazine Heat, Vol 2, Issue 2  (aka no 11)

One third of this issue is devoted to all female Dublin group The Boy Scouts. That’s them on the front cover. They were also on the back page, pages 8 to 13 and pages 27 & 28! I think the Heat lads must have liked them!  I have scanned 4 pages from this issue, see the links below. Note, the pic of the Boy Scouts performing at Howth Community Centre is by Steve Rapid (Averill) original Radiators lead singer and graphic artist who went on to do creative design for U2. Through the 80s & 90s, I’d often see see Steve, doing what I was doing, flicking through records/cds in various Dublin record stores. Click on links below to view pages scans.

paul mcguinness is good for you heat magazine

heat spoof irish compilation albumAnd click on links below for more page scans…
Pic of Boy Scouts at Howth Community Centre
Live Reviews – U2, Virgin Prunes, Springsteen

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  1. Is it possible for you to upload the complete issue of “Heat” 11, volume 2, issue 2

  2. Sorry Jeff, not possible at moment.

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