The first issue of Dundalk fanzine Too Late issued in December 1978. Twenty hand written pages for 30p… and no adverts. This is when “cut ‘n’ paste” meant exactly that, with scissors and glue; none of your click-click lark.
Cover of Too Late issue 1 1978 Dundalk Fanzine

If you wondered what life on the road with NRG was like, read this story of their trip to their gig with the Vipers in Dublin McGonagles in Nov 1978.  Sex & Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll indeed. You’ll find the struggle through the bad handwriting worth it when you get to the sex part…. “since we have an afternoon to waste, we decide to see what is on in the Green Cinema. As it is only 75p in, we all troop in to see the Stud.”  

nrg on the road1 too late 1978 dundalk fanzinenrg on the road1 too late 1978 dundalk fanzine

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  1. Before “Dump” (Paul Duffy) died he reminded me of this adventure, which sadly I had forgotten, I had thought. Being “ill”(a 1/4 pounder headache), the Vipers gig! What times!! I had however forgotten that Jimmy Hearty brought the gear!

    1. Brian, I had forgotten that Paul Duffy (Dump) RIP came with us for that gig.

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