Brian “Dougie” McMahon and Sinead Kenny from Brand New Retro are delighted to bring their entertaining live show Ireland Goes Pop to Mo Chara, on Thursday 16th May, 2024. This is the first time the show, which premiered at Culture Night last September, is performed outside Dublin. And what better place than in Dougie’s home town. And in Mo Chara!

The show starts at 8:00 and finishes by 9.30, with a 10 minute interval. Show will be followed by a Brand New Retro DJ set.

FREE ADMISSION! Get there early to secure a good seat. Read more about the show below…

The show looks at how insular Ireland fell under the spell of pop music, fashion, television and youth culture in the 1960s, and began its journey of catching up with the modern world. From the dark days of Develera to the worldwide success of U2, Ireland Goes Pop takes the audience on a pop culture rollercoaster ride – or should that be, a ghost train ride?

Using bundles of original magazines and artifacts to augment their slideshow, Brian and Sinead also tap into their own first-hand experiences, and memories of key milestones that happened between 1960 and 1990, lending a unique personal perspective to the story. 

About the presenters:

Brian created the award-winning website which he runs with Sinead. He is the author of the 2015 Brand New Retro book and was a pundit on a number of  RTE TV documentaries including The Way We Were and How Ireland Rocked the 80s. Sinead has appeared on RTE’s National Treasures and on various TG4 programmes. 

Show is followed by a live BNR DJ set

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