colour-copyTodds Store Limerick 1971p22-on1 dorene coat at todds johnh hagerty dublin design 1971 todds limerick fashion 1971 moneque todds 1971 graine orourke design 1971clubman shirts donegalweartex irish export award winner 1968danus mens fashion 1971moccasin-copy-2little-chicsuzy-copyWe’ve scanned the above images from a promotional feature for Todds of Limerick, from Woman’s Way, April 1971.  Rebuilt following the extensive fire at the store in August, 1959, the new building is described here as  …a cleancut glass-fronted structure rising four storeys high, with 1971 written in every modern line of its construction…

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  1. Hot pants for pre-pubescent girls?? Plus ├ža change…

  2. The building indeed has ‘1971’ written all over it. Nothing from that era has dated as badly as its architecture.

  3. Clubman: “in a range of man-sized colours”

    Still trying to get me head around what exactly they’re supposed to be. I mean, there were ads in the 70s for “man-sized” paper hankies so maybe “man-sized” colours had some connection to this? Snot-green? Well, it was the 70s, so yeah, I think we’re getting there. Now, what else could you use paper hankies for? Well…

    What? Oh alright then, yeah, maybe not.

    That “safari suit”. The “neckerchief” (?)… thing. As Frankie Howerd, then at his peak, might have said: “titter ye not”.

  4. The Todd’s (Brown Thomas) building has dated so badly, it certainly was a product of it’s time.

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